The highlights of “ChhotaBheem Shinobi Secret” will makes you can’t wait to watch online


The OTT platforms provide animated movies online. Many OTT platforms available online now provide many popular movies to the audience, but the only OTT has come with exclusive Telugu movies. That is Aha movies, which have many masterpieces of Telugu. The aha ott recently added many popular animated films like the ChhotaBheem series. ChhotaBheem Shinobi Secret is one of the sequels in the series of ChhotaBheem. The film has 1.3 hours run time. Rajiv Chilaka, who was the creator of ChhotaBheem, has directed the film too. The movie’s content has thrilling mystery, adventures, etc., which children much like the elements. Also, to tell about the mythological fictional film, it taught the children about what’s wrong and what’s right in society. Also, the children will get aware of moralities and ethics. The mythological fictions have the characters of Indian ancient characters, which should know the children about those characters. Let’s know about the film “ChhotaBheem Shinobi Secret” now.


Characters: ChhotaBheem, Raju, Jaggu, Chutki, Kalia, Dholu-Bholu, etc.

Direction: Rajiv Chilaka

Production Company: Green Gold Animations

Music: Sunil Kaushik

Run Time: 1.3 hours

Year of Release: 2013



ChhotaBheem Shinobi Secret is an Indian mythological animation fiction that came in 2013 and became one of the most popular ones among the ChhotaBheem series.

The story is, Sam’s town is confronting issues, so he goes to Dholakpur to take the assistance of Bheem and his companions. Bheem, alongside his different companions, set out for Japan. In transit, they are assaulted by a furious bear, yet Bheem and Sam rout it. Sam is caught by Shinobi. Bheem and his companions follow the street and arrive at Sam’s town, where they meet the ruler. Bheem and his companions rout the evil Sshinobi just as the head of Japan. After Sam and his town are liberated from peril, Bheem and his companions sail back to Dholakpur.

Highlights film “ChhotaBheem Shinobi Secret”:

ChhotaBheem and the Shinobi Secret is a 2013 Hindi-language Animation film written by Raj Viswanadha, Arun Ji Shendurnikar, and NidhiAnand. Rajiv Chilaka, who directed the initial original version ChhotaBheem also directed the movie along with Binayak Das and ShyamalChaulia and produced by Rajiv Chilaka on Green Gold Animations banner. The film debuted on 6th April 2008. Prof. Dhoomketu is attempting to assemble another machine dependent on how a spring of gushing lava functions. Dholu and Bholu wreck around, which gives Kalia another ‘smoking’ haircut. ChhotaBheem and the shinobi mystery highlight Jigna Bhardwaj ahead of the pack job alongside RupaBhimani, Vatsal Dubey, Rajesh Kava, and Julie Tejwani in supporting roles. Sunil Kaushik made the music. The film makes some running memories of 11 minutes. Green Gold Animations procured conveyance rights for the film.

The director Rajiv Chilaka made the film with heart and soul. He filled the movie with thrilling mystery adventures, which children liked more. The way he filmed Bheem and his friend characters in the film is just fantastic.

The movie has an asset that is background music. Sunil Kaushik gave terrific music, which elevated the scenes in the film.

The director handled all the characters well and established those characters in the first half an hour. Then he continued their characterization within the storyline.

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Finally:  ChhotaBheem Shinobi Secret is the must-watch movie and recommended high to the children.

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