One of The Best Love Movie That Has sacrifice In Love

One of The Best Love Movie That Has sacrifice In Love

AmaramAkhilamPrema is a romantic movie written and directed by Jonathan Vesapogu. This film has the most beautifully designed characters that just play the roles of a common and typical south Indian middle-class family. It shows the worth of sacrifices they make for their loved ones which will be heartwarming and touching. It is an emotionally bound film with real characterization and love which has no limits. There are many Telugu new movies online on aha platform.

More Information:

Runtime: 2 hours 12 minutes

Released: 18 September 2020

Genre: Romance, Drama

Distributed by: Aha

Cast & Crew:

Actor: Vijay Ram

Actress: ShivshakthiSachdev

Other Actors: SrikanthIyengar, Naresh, Sri Lakshmi, Annapoorna

Director: Jonathan Vesapogu

Products: Vevkds Prasad

Music Director: Radhan

Cinematographer: RasoolEllore


The story starts with our main character Amar as being jobless and forced to work along with his father in their bookstore. One fine day as he enjoys his life irrespective of the job he was given by his father, a girl enters into the store to buy books. It’s the moment he decides that he wants to share his life with her. He starts to roam around in every aspect of her life some or the other way just to be beside her. She understands that he loves her. So, she calls up a meeting and explains to him in detail about why she is not interested in having to be in a relationship. She has a past history of getting cheated on by a man even when her father told her not to love him, for which her father stopped talking to her and her regrets made her offer her life’s choice to him which makes her not to fall in love with anyone. What path love has shown them to get together is the most beautiful aspect this film offers.

Reasons to watch AmaramAkhilamPrema:

– The characterization of daughter, father and bond between them in the film is purely flawless and that beautiful emotion is maximized.

– Main reason would be that the girl in the film is focused on the choices she makes to decide between father and lover. The love is the same but the approval matters to everyone. People do make mistakes but accepting them with wisdom is one of the great aspects of this film.

Technical Asset:

  • Music is beautiful, it was in sync with every scene and could connect to every emotion.
  • Editing and colouring of the movie have been done wonderfully, there you couldn’t find any flaws. It looked bright when it supposed to be and dark at the time of matter.
  • The storyline is amazing! it’s very new to the audience as the girl is madly in love with the guy at the same time with a person who made her into a strong woman.
  • Dialogues just click on your emotion of love, laughter and rage. At the time you get along with the story and dialogues just raise you high.

The movie was wonderfully made incorporating all technical and creative aspects in the perfect measures Watch AmaramAkhilamPrema movie online only on Aha!

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